Sports betting is a type of gambling. In this betting, you have to place money on the result of that sport. The major expectation is to make a profit. This betting industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it has been a popular one for many years. People invest in making a profit. Special thanks to the internet, which make this easier than earlier. Now all the bettors can bet on the outcome by sitting comfortably at their place, be it home or office, or anywhere else. Earlier people used to rely on the bookies but now all you can do on your own. Like other beginners, you are also thinking about How to do betting on online; as you are fresh in this, and do not have many ideas, then we must say you have landed on the right platform because we are one of the best and most renowned betting websites in India.

Who we are

Indiabullsonline is one of the famous sports trading platforms which will give you a genuine service. We are open 24/7 for both deposits and withdrawals. All the deals are quite transparent. Through our portal, you can connect to the bookmakers.

Indiabullsonline is a genuine sports trading platform, and we assure you that you will definately get a unique experience over here. We are open 24/7. You can both deposit and withdraw at a time. We are the Bulls in India.

Step by step to betting online

Choose a reliable betting site- this is the very basic step that everyone needs to follow. Choose a reliable site. Because there are thousands of sports betting sites, you will find India, and this is really tough to choose the right one. But we the indiabullsonline is the popular one. Visit our official page to get more information.

Sign up

after choosing now, you can create your profile. Sign up on the betting site. You need to give a few details of yours like name, address, age, etc. You can use the site like any other social media app. You can register through your mobile number or via email. It’s so simple.

Deposit on the betting site

Once you can create your betting account, now it’s time to deposit the amount, or you can say add money to the betting site; as we all know that the number of betting sites has been increasing day by day, so you will get different types of payment options for deposit the amount. Some of them are very easy and convenient to pay for. Choose anyone as per your choice. You will receive a betting id in India. This is the unique code. Every player will receive a different code.

Use the betting bonus

After depositing the amount in the account, we will welcome you along with a bonus point. This is known as the welcome bonus point. Almost every betting site offers this bonus to their player. This is only for those who are new to this site.